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Key metals in tomorrow’s energy

From agriculture to manufacturing to medicine, metals have become a must in today’s world. The race for technology and the energy transition is expected to boost demand in the coming decades.
At Ofi Invest Asset Management, our managers, who have been experts in this field for more than 20 years, have selected eight metals they regard as strategic and that offer long-term investment opportunities: copper, silver, nickel, palladium, platinum, aluminium, zinc and lead.

Metals: a market of opportunities to seize in a long-term allocation

21st century lifestyles depend on metals

Did you know?

The race for technology and the energy transition are behind the exploitation of almost all 86 metals in the periodic table of elements, up from about 10 in the 20th century.


Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: increased number of metals in use based on technological trends
Lifestyles depend on metals: energy
Wind turbines, solar panels, hydrogen, etc.
Lifestyles depend on metals: transports
Cars, trucks, planes, trains, and boats
Lifestyles depend on metals: Buildings
Construction materials, etc.
Lifestyles depend on metals: Medicine
Development of new medical equipment
Lifestyles depend on metals: communication
Mobile phones, computers, etc.
Lifestyles depend on metals: agriculture
Fertilisers and farming equipment

The energy transition is expected to consume lots of metals


Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: future demand for minerals for clean technologies by scenario (2020 vs 2040)
Source: IEA (International Energy Agency), 2021

Why choose Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals?

Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: diversify your portfolio with strategic metals Diversify your portfolio with strategic metals
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: benefits
  • Exposure to metals deemed strategic by the management team in transforming our energy system
  • An original and diversifying investment solution (compared with more traditional asset classes) that is eligible for life insurance contracts(1)
  • No investments in sector equities or bonds
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: risks The subfund is exposed to commodity prices through commodity index swaps. A decline in the commodities markets or worsening in exogenous conditions (storage conditions, weather, etc.) could cause a decline in the subfund’s net asset value.
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: a well-regarded team of experts A well-regarded team of experts
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: benefits A management team recognised for more than 20 years on the metals and commodities markets
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: risks The management team is subject to change over time.
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: a long-term investment theme A long-term investment theme
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: benefits
  • The shift in our energy systems is expected to consume lots of metals
  • Growing demand will be driven by global decarbonisation challenges
Ofi Invest Energy Strategic Metals: risks Performance is not guaranteed for subscribers. There is a risk of loss of capital.
(1) The investment objective is to provide fundholders with exposure to the following metals: aluminium, lead, gold, palladium, platinum, silver, nickel, zinc and copper, in accordance with the fund’s name and management strategy. This objective will be achieved via synthetic exposure to the Basket Energy Strategic Metals Index or an index having the same composition. This index is representative of a basket consisting of futures contracts on these metals. The subfund will reproduce shifts in this index, both upwards and downwards.
What the fund managers have to say


Renewable energies consume more metals and conventional energy technologies (nuclear, coal, etc.). In a scenario in which we comply with the Paris Agreement’s goals on greenhouse gas reductions, demand for copper could rise by 40% and demand for nickel by 60% to 70% by 2040 (International Energy Agency report, May 2021).

The situation is becoming critical for many metals used intensively in many industrial applications and for which substitutes are hard to find in the short term. As reserves are limited and production is concentrated geographically, operating costs are rising, pushing metal prices up and, hence, generating investment opportunities on these markets.

Measures to combat climate change could raise metal prices and generate investment opportunities.

Head of Commodities Strategies,
Ofi Invest Asset ManagementT
Measures to combat climate change could raise metal prices and generate investment opportunities

Refer to the fund’s characteristics & documents for more details on its risks, fees and characteristics.

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