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ES Ofi Invest ESG Obligations Europe PART C

ISIN: 007904
According to the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), this product promotes environmental or social characteristics but does not aim at sustainable investment.
Investors should be aware and prepared to accept that, for those Funds which have a sustainable management process, this process is based on the use of a proprietary model to determine the ESG score. There is a risk that this model may not be efficient. The performance of these Funds may therefore be below the management objective.
Article 8
NET ASSET VALUE|31/05/2023162.08 EUR
FIRST NAV DATE|18/08/2002
TOTAL AUM|31/05/202368.46 MEUR
FUND UNIT AUM|31/05/202368.46 MEUR
from 30/12/2022 to 31/05/2023
  • 3.33%
Benchmark* 2.46%
from 31/05/2022 to 31/05/2023
  • -2.06%
Benchmark* -3.03%
from 25/05/2018 to 31/05/2023
  • -6.42%
Benchmark* -5.42%
from 09/08/2002 to 31/05/2023
  • 62.08%
Benchmark* 99.62%
* Benchmark: JPMorgan Aggregate 5-7 puis BofA Merrill Lynch Euro Corporate Index à partir du 27/01/2017

AMF classification
Euro Fixed Income
Legal form
Inception date
SRI is an indicator going from 1 to 7 and corresponding to increasing risk levels. Risk category indicated in this document is subject to change. This category is determined by the application of a regulatory methodology. For more details about this methodology, please refer to the Key information document (KID).
Risk detail - Ofi Invest Asset Management

Annualized performance

Inportant information :
  • 11/02/2020 : Le FCPE changera de dénomination au profit d'OFI OBLIGATIONS EUROPE ES et passera en valorisation quotidienne
  • 16/09/2019 : Le Fonds changera d'OPC Maître au profit du Compartiment OFI FINANCIAL INVESTMENT - RS EURO INVESTMENT GRADE CLIMATE CHANGE au lieu et place du FCP OFI RS EURO INVESTMENT GRADE CLIMATE CHANGE. Simple changement de structure juridique du Maître
  • 07/02/2014 : Les modifications apportées au FCP Maître OFI OBLIGATIONS ISR sont également appliqués à son Nourricier MACIF OBLIGATIONS EUROPE ES, à savoir : Changement d'univers d'investissement - changement de notation des titres long terme et modification du profil de risque. Mise à jour des contraintes de l'ESMA - Suppression de la possibilité de recourir aux acquisitions/cessions temporaires de titres - Nouvelle rédaction de l'analyse ISR et de la procédure de choix des intermédiaires

The KID must be provided to investors prior to any investment being made. Practical information, risk profile and charges related to the investment in a fund are described in the fund’s KID.

The figures mentioned cover past years. Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances.
Markets may evolve very differently in the future. However, they can help you assess how the fund has been managed in the past. Performance is shown after deduction of current fees. Entry or exit fees are excluded from the calculation.
These investments aim to take advantage of the performance potential of the financial markets in return for taking some risk. Invested capital and performances are not guaranteed, and there exists a risk of loss of capital.
This chart displays the fund's performance as a percentage gain or loss per year over the past years against its benchmark. It can help you assess how the fund has been managed in the past and compare it to its benchmark.

Performance scenarios

  • Recommended holding period | 2 year(s)
  • Investment | € 10 000
If you go out after
1 year 2 year(s)
Minimum There is no guaranteed minimum return.
You could lose all or part of your investment.
Stressed scenario What you could get after costs
Average annual return
€ 8,005.22
-19.95 %
€ 8,160.22
-9.67 %
Unfavorable scenario What you could get after costs
Average annual return
€ 8,005.22
-19.95 %
€ 8,160.22
-9.67 %
Intermediate scenario What you could get after costs
Average annual return
€ 9,882.36
-1.18 %
€ 10,065.61
0.33 %
Favorable scenario What you could get after costs
Average annual return
€ 10,573.79
5.74 %
€ 10,743.06
3.65 %

The figures shown include all costs of the product itself.
These figures do not take into account your personal tax situation which may also affect the amounts you will receive.
This type of scenario is calculated on a minimum of 10 years of data using the history of the product, combined with a proxy if necessary.
The stress scenario shows what you could recover in the event of extreme market conditions.

  • NET ASSET VALUE|162,08
  • NAV DATE|31/05/2023

Historical Net Asset Values

  • ISIN Code007904
  • Unit currencyEUR
  • Agreement date09/11/2001
  • Inception date18/08/2002
  • First NAV date18/08/2002
  • Valuation frequencyDaily
  • Regulatory authority
  • AMF classificationEuro Fixed Income
  • Legal formFCP
  • Fund of funds Yes
  • Feeder Yes
  • Master Ofi Invest ESG Euro Investment Grade Climate Change ACTION N
  • Distribution policyReinvested in the Employee Investment Fund
  • ‘PEA’ eligible No
  • Maximum management fees0.54 %
  • Maximum subscription fees – non acquired3.00 %
  • Asset management companyOFI INVEST ASSET MANAGEMENT

* The performance of a feeder fund will be lower than its master fund’s performance due to the feeder's own management fees.

  • Subscription cut-off time16:00:00
  • Redemption cut-off time23:59:00
  • Decimalisation4 decimals

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Investments involve risks. The value of an investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you originally invested. There is no assurance that Funds objectives will be achieved or that there will be a return on capital. Past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performance and may be misleading. You must read the Prospectus and the KIIDs before any investment decision.